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At our initial design consultation, we will discuss your ideas, look at images you might provide, and make recommendations for the creation of your special piece, all with appreciation for your budget and lifestyle.

Also remember to bring any metal or gemstones you may want to incorporate or reuse in your design to bring new life to them and save you money in the process.


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Complimentary Consultations

  • Our initial consultation and all subsequent meetings and phone calls are complimentary. It is important that we understand your vision and that you are comfortable with the custom design process.
  • Once we have the primary elements, your designer creates a design, usually with a few variations. This takes 1 to 7 days; Sometimes we come up with great ideas on the spot
  • There’s no cost for the first 1-2 sets of designs and seeing a wax model of your design before you purchase

Price Quote, Fabrication Details, and Estimate Time Frame

  • We are able to estimate cost, describe the fabrication process, and propose an expected completion date once the design is sufficiently developed and we know all gemstones and metals to be incorporated into your piece.
  • Sometimes we are able to provide these details at the initial conference. More often, we need to do follow-up work to get to that point. For example, we may wish to research an issue, obtain pricing information from a supplier or manufacturer, develop the design concept further, or bring in special gemstones chosen just for your consideration. In these cases, we try to provide a ballpark figure at the outset so you know the price point we expect your project will fall in; then, we can move toward a more refined estimate as cost factors are determined.
  • Verbal estimates are an approximation of price only
  • Estimates are valid for a minimum of 10 days. After 10 days, we reserve the right to modify existing estimates to accommodate for changes in labor and material prices before we start a job.

Payment Schedule

Before we start the job, we generally require at least 50% of the estimated price of Custom finished piece.

  • We accept credit cards for any amount if presented in person.
  • For internet purchases, we reserve the right to limit the amount that we will put on a credit card over the phone to $2000.
  • We may require an ID photocopy with your correct billing address and a signed credit card form which we can either fax or mail to you. We also accept checks, wire transfers or money orders.
  • North Dakota state residents must pay sales tax, but out of state clients who purchase over the internet are currently sales tax free. Cleared, full payment is required before delivery is made.
  • We reserve the right to hold orders to allow time for payment clearing.
  • Payments of over 2000.00 paid by wire transfer (or Cash) may be eligible for a 1.5% discount, please ask you Designer for details. Discounts, Coupons and promotions cannot be combined

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Three Stone White and Yellow Gold Wedding Set Remake

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Custom Platinum Wedding Set Remake

Custom Platinum Wedding Set Remake

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The ‘Lockenbooth’ Pendant

The ‘Lockenbooth’ Pendant

Inspired by the traditional 'Lockenbooth' broach - this customer was able to re-use her own metal and stones in the creation of this one-of-a-kind, heirloom piece. The really neat thing about this custom design was that all the gemstones were...

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